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coup de gueule : les séries partiellement traduites...

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
Castle Arcania (n 1)

Battle for the ancient robot (n 2)

Warlords (n 7)

The Doomsday device (n 8)

The King takes a dare (n 9)

Dragonwand of Krynn (n 10)
59-Curse of the mummy
(existe en traduction amateur)

65-Blood of the Zombies
(existe en traduction amateur)

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
The Next passage The Train of terror (n 2)
The Formula for trouble (n 3)
The Sinister studios of KESP-TV (n 5)
Crash landing! (n 6)
The Video avenger (n 7)
Race into the past (n 8)
Horrors of the haunted museum (n 9)
Mission of the secret spy squad (n 10)
Camp-Out on danger mountain (n 11)
Midnight at monster mansion (n 13)
Instant millionaire (n 14)
Spellcaster (n 15)
Secrets of the lost island (n 16)
Ghost riders of goldspur (n 17)

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
Dueltrack (n 3)

Badlands run (n 4)

Green circle blues (n 5)

Mean streets (n 6)

Dimension of doom (n 7)

The Lost planet (n 8)

Moons of mystery (n 9)

The Haunted planet (n 10)

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
On her majesty's secret service Who kidnapped princess Saralinda? (n 3)
Ghost knights of Camelot (n 4)
The Haunted castle of Ravencurse (n 5)
Revenge of the falcon knight (n 6)
Challenge of the wolf knight (n 7)
Conquest of the time master (n 8)
The Dragon queen's revenge (n 9)
Tournament for terror (n 10)
The Imposter king (n 11)
The Scarlet shield of Shalimar (n 12)
Cavern of the phantoms (n 13)
Carnival of demons (n 14)
Invaders from Darkland (n 15)
Attack on the king (n 16)
Conquest of the barbarians (n 17)
Warrior women of Weymouth (n 18)

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
Mickey's Christmas Carol adventure

Wind in the willows adventure

Bambi's woodland adventure

Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends
Blizzard Pass

Maze of the Riddling Minotaur

Ghost of Lion Castle

Lathan's Gold

Thunderdelve Mountain

Mystery of the Snow Pearls

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
5- Heart of ice
(existe en traduction amateur)

6- Twist of fate
The Mystery squad and
the cannonball kid (n 7)

The Mystery squad and
the robots' revenge (n 8)

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
epervier1 2- Mechanon

3- The Rack of Baal

4- Lost in time

5- The Dying sun

6- At the end of time
Tu sei il califfo delle deserto

Tu sei la regina del oasi incantata

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
Prisoners of Pax Tharkas (n 1)
Master of Ravenloft (n 6)
Sceptre of power (n 7)
Nightmare realm of Baba Yaga (n 8)
The Sorcerer's crown (n 9)
Lords of doom (n 10)
Clash of the sorcerers (n 11)
Curse of the werewolf (n 12)
Gates of death (n 13)
Trail sinister (n 14)
The Vanishing city (n 15)
Shadow over Nordmaar (n 16)
Spawn of dragonspear (n 17)
Prince of thieves (n 18)
Through the wire :
the Great escape (n 4)

Thunder in the glens :
the Jacobite rebellion (n 5)

The fear factor :
Terrorism in the city (n 8)

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
Little mouse makes a mess n 5
Little panda gets lost n 6
Little kangaroo's bad day n 7
Little raccoon goes to the beach n 8
Little kitten sleeps over n 9
Little puppy's rainy day n 10
Little fox's best friend n 11
Little goat's big brother n 12
secret The Dandee diamond mystery (n 1)
The Roller coaster ghost (n 2)
The Great baseball championship (n 3)
The Amazing bubblegum caper (n 4)
The Super trail bike race (n 5)
Mystery at Mockingbird manor (n 6)
The ballerina mystery (n 12)
Adventure at camp Schoonover (n 16)
Murf the monster (n 17)

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit

Ewig ist nur Satinav
Schwarzer Druidenwald
Netz der Mörder
Wie Wasser im Sand
Der grosse Baccanaq
Im Rücken des Königs
Rande der Dämonenbrache
Liebliche Prinzessin Yasmina
Das Schiff in der Flasche
Der Götze der Mohas
Ein Stab aus Ulmenholz
Des Elfenkönigs Zaubermacht
Verrat auf Arras De Mott
Das Lied der Elfen
Auf der Suche nach einem Kaiser
Stunden der Entscheidung
Am Rande der Nacht
Die Ungeschlagenen
Für die Königin, für Rondra
Firuns Land
Am Fuß des Geisterfelsens I: Das Dschungelgrab
Am Fuß des Geisterfelsens II: Die Mondsilberkugel
Wind über Weiden
Wo keine Sonne scheint
Dungeon of justice (n 5)

The Dark chronicles of
Anakendis (n 6)

Floating city (n 8)

Fortress throngard (n 9)

Rogue mage (n 10)

Land of changes (n 11)

Deadline to destruction (n 12)

Temple of the pharoah (n 13)

Derek the troll's 'orrible
troll-playing game! (n 14)

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
Sword daughter's quest (n 1)
Runesword! (n 2)
Challenge of the pegasus grail (n 3)
The Unicorn crown (n 5)
Spellbound (n 7)
The Dungeons of Dregnor (n 8)
Hall of the gargoyle king (n 10)
Maiden of greenwold (n 11)
Storm rider (n 12)
Pledge of peril (n 13)
Secret of the sphinx (n 14)
Could you be a deer? (n 1)
Could you be an otter? (n 3)
Could You Be a Frog? (n 5)
Could You Be a Mouse? (n 6)

les séries traduites les volumes non traduit les séries traduites les volumes non traduit
transformers5 Swamp of the scorpion (n 5)
Desert of danger (6)
Alone in the dark

Alone in halloween

Grimrock isle

les series traduites
les volumes non traduit les volumes non traduit

1-   Indiana Jones and the curse of horror island
2-   Indiana Jones and the lost treasure of Sheba
3-   Indiana Jones and the giants of the silver tower
4-   Indiana Jones and the eye of the fates
5-   Indiana Jones and the cup of the vampire
6-   Indiana Jones and the legion of death
7-   Indiana Jones and the cult of the mummy's crypt

8-   Indiana Jones and the dragon of vengeance
9-   Indiana Jones and the gold of Genghis Kahn
10- Morgan Swift and the kidnapped goddess
11- James Bond in win, place, or die
12- James Bond in strike it deadly
15- Morgan Swift and the treasure of crocodile key
16- Indiana Jones and the ape slaves of howling island
17- Indiana Jones and the mask of the elephant
Welcome to the wicked wax museum (n 12)
The Creepy creations of professor Shock (n 14)
Please don't feed the vampire (n 15)
Secret agent grandma (n 16)
Escape from camp run-for-your-life (n 19)
Toy terror: batteries included (n 20)
The Twisted tale of Tiki island (n 21)
Return to the carnival of horrors (n 22)
Zapped in space (n 23)
Lost in Stinkeye swamp (n 24)
Shop till you drop...dead! (n 25)
Alone in Snakebite canyon (n 26)
Checkout time at the Dead-End hotel (n 27)
Night of a thousand claws (n 28)
Invaders from the big screen (n 29)
You're plant food (n 30)
The Werewolf of twisted tree lodge (n 31)
It's only a nightmare! (n 32)
It came from the internet (n 33)
Elevator to nowhere (n 34)
Hocus-pocus horror (n 35)
Ship of ghouls (n 36)
Escape from horror house (n 37)
Into the twister of terror (n 38)
Scary birthday to you! (n 39)
Zombie school (n 40)
Danger time (n 41)
All-day nightmare (n 42)
Sunken treasure (n 3)
Indian trail (n 8)
The Genie in the bottle (n 10)
The Bigfoot mystery (n 11)
The Three wishes (n 15)
Summer camp (n 18)
Mona is missing (n 21)
The Flying carpet (n 25)
The Magic path (n 26)
Ice cave (n 27)
Fire! (n 28)
The Fairy kidnap (n 29)
Lost dog! (n 31)
Blizzard at black swan inn (n 32)
The Miss liberty caper (n 35)
The Owl tree (n 36)
Sand castle (n 38)
Caravan (n 39)
The Great easter bunny adventure (n 40)
The Movie mystery (n 41)
Light on Burro mountain (n 42)
Home in time for Christmas (n 43)
You see the future (n 44)
The Great zopper toothpaste treasure (n 45)
Spooky thanksgiving (n 47)
Race of the year (n 49)
You can make a difference: the story
of Martin Luther King, Jr. (n 51)
The Enchanted attic (n 52)
-Hero of Washington Square (n 7)
-Villains of Volturnus (n 8)
-Robbers and robots (n 9)
-Circus of fear (n 10)
-Spell of the winter wizard (n 11)
-Light on Quests Mountain (n 12)
-Dragon of doom (n 13)
-Raid on Nightmare Castle (n 14)
-Duel of the masters (n 21)
-The Endless catacombs (n 22)
-Trouble on Artule (n 24)
-Conan the outlaw (n 25)
-Mystery of the ancients (n 28)
-The Fireseed (n 30)
-Tarzan and the Tower of Diamonds (n 31)
-Prisoner of elderwood (n 32)
-Knight of illusion (n 33)
-Claw of the dragon (n 34)
-Vision of doom (n 35)
-Song of the dark druid (n 36)
-Dungeon of fear (n 37)
-Castle of the undead (n 38)
-Secret of the djinn (n 39)
-Siege of the tower (n 40)
-A wild ride (n 41)
-Forest of darkness (n 42)
-American knights (n 43)
-Night of the tiger (n 44)
-Galactic challenge (n 45)
-Bigby's curse (n 46)
-The 24-hour war (n 47)
-The Test (n 48)
-Sands of deception (n 49)

The third planet from Altair (n 7)
Deadwood city (n 8)
The lost jewels of Nabooti (n 10)
Inside UFO 54-40 (n 12)
The abominable snowman (n 13)
The forbidden castle (n 14)
House of danger (n 15)
Survival at sea (n 16)
The race forever (n 17)
Underground kingdom (n 18)
Secret of the pyramids (n 19)
Escape (n 20)
Hyperspace (n 21)
Space patrol (n 22)
The lost tribe (n 23)
Lost on the Amazon (n 24)
Prisoner of the ant people (n 25)
The phantom submarine (n 26)
The horror of high ridge (n 27)
Mountain survival (n 28)
Trouble on planet Earth (n 29)
The curse of Batterslea hall (n 30)
Treasure diver (n 32)
The dragons' den (n 33)
The mystery of the Highland Crest (n 34)
Journey to Stonehenge (n 35)
The secret treasure of Tibet (n 36)
War with the evil power master (n 37)
Sabotage (n 38)
The throne of Zeus (n 40)
Search for the mountain gorillas(n 41)
The mystery of echo lodge (n 42)
Grand canyon odyssey (n 43)
The mystery of Ura Senke (n 44)
You are a shark (n 45)
The deadly shadow (n 46)
Outlaws of Sherwood Forest (n 47)
Spy for George Washington (n 48)
Danger at Anchor Mine (n 49)
Return to the cave of time (n 50)
The magic of the unicorn (n 51)
Ghost hunter (n 52)
The case of the silk king (n 53)
Forest of fear (n 54)
The trumpet of terror (n 55)
The enchanted kingdom (n 56)
The antimatter formula (n 57)
Statue of liberty adventure (n 58)
Terror island (n 59)
Vanished! (n 60)
Beyond escape! (n 61)
Sugarcane island (n 62)
Mystery of the secret room (n 63)
Volcano! (n 64)
The mardi gras mystery (n 65)
Secret of the ninja (n 66)
Seaside mystery (n 67)
Secret of the sun god (n 68)
Rock and roll mystery (n 69)
Invaders of the planet Earth (n 70)
Space vampire (n 71)
The brilliant Dr. Wogan (n 72)
Beyond the great wall (n 73)
Longhorn territory (n 74)
Planet of the dragons (n 75)
The Mona Lisa is missing! (n 76)
The first olympics (n 77)
Return to Atlantis (n 78)
Mystery of the sacred stones (n 79)
The perfect planet (n 80)
Terror in Australia (n 81)
Hurricane! (n 82)
Track of the bear (n 83)
You are a monster (n 84)
Inca gold (n 85)
Knights of the round table (n 86)
Exiled to earth (n 87)
Master of kung fu (n 88)
South pole sabotage (n 89)
Mutiny in space (n 90)
You are a superstar (n 91)
Return of the ninja (n 92)
Captive! (n 93)
Blood on the handle (n 94)
You are a genius (n 95)
Stock car champion (n 96)
Through the black hole (n 97)
You are a millionaire (n 98)
Revenge of the russian ghost (n 99)
The worst day of your life (n 100)
Alien, go home! (n 101)
Master of tae kwon do (n 102)
Grave robbers (n 103)
The cobra connection (n 104)
The treasure of the onyx dragon (n 105)
Hijacked! (n 106)
Fight for freedom (n 107)
Master of karate (n 108)
Chinese dragons (n 109)
Invaders from within (n 110)
Smoke jumper (n 111)
Skateboard champion (n 112)
The lost ninja (n 113)
Daredevil park (n 114)
The island of time (n 115)
Kidnapped! (n 116)
The search for Aladdin's lamp (n 117)
Vampire invaders (n 118)
The terrorist trap (n 119)
Ghost train (n 120)    
Behind the wheel (n 121)
Magic master (n 122)
Silver wings (n 123)
Superbike (n 124)
Outlaw gulch (n 125)
Master of martial arts (n 126)
Showdown (n 127)
Viking raiders (n 128)
Earthquake! (n 129)
You are microscopic (n 130)
Surf monkeys (n 131)
Luckiest day of your life (n 132)
The forgotten planet (n 133)
Secret of the dolphins (n 134)
Playoff champion (n 135)
Roller star (n 136)
Scene of the crime (n 137)
Dinosaur island (n 138)
Motocross mania (n 139)
Horror house (n 140)
The secret of mystery hill (n 141)
The reality machine (n 142)
Project UFO (n 143)
Comet crash (n 144)
Everest adventure (n 145)
Soccer star (n 146)
The antimatter universe (n 147)
Master of judo (n 148)
Search the amazon! (n 149)
Who are you? (n 150)
Gunfire at Gettysburg (n 151)
War with the mutant spider ants (n 152)
Last run (n 153)
Cyberspace warrior (n 154)
Ninja cyborg (n 155)
You are an alien (n 156)
U.N. adventure (n 157)
Sky-jam! (n 158)
Tattoo of death (n 159)
The computer takeover (n 160)
Possessed! (n 161)
Typhoon! (n 162)
Shadow of the swastika (n 163)
Fright night (n 164)
Snowboard racer (n 165)
Master of aikido (n 166)
Moon quest (n 167)
Hostage! (n 168)
Terror on the Titanic (n 169)
Greed, guns, and gold (n 170)
Death in the dorm (n 171)
Mountain biker (n 172)
The gold medal secret (n 173)
The power dome (n 174)
The underground railroad (n 175)
Master of kendo (n 176)
Killer virus (n 177)
River of no return (n 178)
Ninja avenger (n 179)
Stampede! (n 180)
Fire on ice (n 181)
Fugitive (n 182)
CyberHacker (n 183)
Mayday! (n 184)

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